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Events :: Достъп :: To Defeat Intolerance and Inequality We Must Have Open Minds and Open Hearts

To Defeat Intolerance and Inequality We Must Have Open Minds and Open Hearts

Collage - Emi and Ani pres mid bottomSofia, October 16, 2014

Every year since 2007 on Blog Action Day, thousands of bloggers come together to talk about one important issue, like poverty, climate change and human rights amongst others. This year the event is held on 16 October and the theme is inequality. HMA Jonathan Allen joins the initiative and blogs why to defeat intolerance and inequality, we must have open minds and open hearts. H.E. Jonathna Allen is not only Great Britain's Ambassador to Bulgaria, but also a blogger, our - BFPA's - partner and a supporter of important social causes! In the picture you can see a moment from the premiere of the short film "Emi and Ani" at the British Ambassador's Residence in Sofia in March 2014.

When we are sick, the first step to treatment is to recognise there is a problem. In the same way, in our society the first step to tackling intolerance and inequality must be to accept and recognise that they exist.

A big barrier to doing so comes from our own stereotypes and pre-conceptions. The effect of stereotypes is often to blind us to reality and to comfort us in our existing prejudices. People can make sweeping comments and assumptions, without applying the basic value that everyone should be treated as an individual, regardless of our previous experiences of others.

Over the three years that I have spent in Bulgaria, I have seen many examples of committed people breaking down such stereotypes. The Pride march, at first so controversial, each year passes more peacefully. This year one of my colleagues brought her young son, to learn for himself that everyone has the right to be who they truly are.

A partner organisation opened a great mixed-ability playground in South Park, where disabled and able-bodied children can play together. With my daughter, I have supported Bulgaria’s thriving disabled cricket and blind cricket teams. The embassy runs an intern scheme for people who are under-represented in the workplace. All of these examples challenge our natural tendency to look at what people cannot do, rather than celebrating what they can.

As an Embassy, we have also worked with the Roma community. Every year children come to celebrate Bango Vassil at the embassy and to sing and tell stories. We hosted the screening of a short movie, written and made by the Roma community, to help prevent school drop-out and early marriage. There are more and more programmes each year to promote integration.

When it comes to integration, and the reasons why it doesn’t happen, we have to accept that blame cannot lie only at one community’s door. It takes a commitment to change from both sides for meaningful change to happen. I found living proof of the power of enlightened politics, when I spent a day with the Kmetal of Kavarna.

To treat a major illness, you need to tackle the individual symptoms. Sometimes when faced with major inequality, we can feel too daunted to act. We don’t know where to start.

I believe you need to start small: break down people’s preconceptions and lazy assumptions and show them a different reality. Some of us will be active in this endeavour, throwing ourselves into projects and organising events. But we can all play a vital role.

We can all try to ignore the prejudices we have and keep an open mind and open hearts.

As stereotypes weaken and fade in Bulgaria, so it becomes easier to address intolerance and inequality.



Latest news

BFPA survey about positive birth-rate measures

Sofia, December 5, 2022 

The Bulgarian Association for Family Planning and Sexual Health (BFPA) presented the results of a nationally representative survey conducted by KANTAR. The study took place in August 2022, among a sample of 836 people from the adult population and analyzed the measures that would positively affect the birth rate.

You can find the full research here

Final conference on ARIE project: PLHIV and fitness

Sofia, November 11, 2022

On November 11, 2022, the final conference of the ARIE project was held in Sofia. The project is supported by the Erasmus+ Sport program, led by the long-standing Italian partner of BFPA ANLAIDS – Lombardia. The rest of the participating organizations are from Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia. The activities are aimed at people living with HIV (PLHIV), the goal of the project is to develop and introduce a fitness program and an activity protocol for people living with HIV. In Bulgaria the project was coordinated by Boyan Mladenov from the BFPA team. Among the participants of the conference were health specialists, professors from medical universities, NGO partners, representatives of the target group. From the Bulgarian side the most outstanding was the presentation of Prof. Radka Argirova “HIV,Covid and Monkeypox - what more we have to know”
The project aims to promote physical activity in the form of personalized guidelines among people between the ages of 18 and 50 who are living with HIV and who are on treatment, offering an innovative fitness protocol to engage them in moderate physical activity.
This is the first project in Europe specifically targeting people living with HIV and fitness to promote a healthy lifestyle and add fitness protocols to HIV therapy.

Presentation of the results of a regional study and recommendations for SRH services in the European Parliament - project "Youth Voices, Youth Choices"

Brussels, October 26, 2022

In the last months of 2022 the partners of the YVYC project, together with experts and young people, developed recommendations for regional policy recommendations for improvement of health and social systems and SRHR services for young people after the Covid 19 pandemic.
The recommendations are targeting decision-makers at international and national institutions.  They were presented in the European Parliament on October 26, 2022 by young advocates and experts, with the support of MEP Fred Matic. Three BFPA representatives - Victoria Nikolova, Venelin Stoychev and Pavlina Filipova participated in the EP meeting.


Events :: Достъп :: To Defeat Intolerance and Inequality We Must Have Open Minds and Open Hearts