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Общи :: Африка няма да успее да намали наполовина бедността до 2015 г., твърди Икономическата комисия за Африка
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Африка няма да успее да намали наполовина бедността до 2015 г., твърди Икономическата комисия за Африка

Източник: Medical News Today, 29 март 2010

Изпълнителният секретар на Икономическата комисия за Африка на ООН Абдули Джанех каза, че глобалната икономическа криза ще попречи на Африка да изпълни Целите на хилядолетието за развитие (ЦХР) за намаляване на бедността наполовина до 2015 г.

„Смяташе се, че Африка е до голяма степен защитена от най-лошите ефекти на глобалната икономическа криза, но прогнозите за добър ръст не се сбъднаха заради нея.”

„Глобалната финансова криза засегна ръста в Африка и има бедствени последствия за африканските страни по отношение на намаляването на бедността,” каза Джанех по време на съвместната конференция на ИКА и Африканския съюз (АС) в Лилонгве, Малави.

Абдули Джанех определи ХИВ/СПИН, природните бедствия и продължаващите конфликти като фактори, които също пречат на икономическото развитие на Африка. В свое изказване Джанех каза, че по време на срещата на ИКА и АС ще бъде дискутиран доклад за прогреса на Африка относно изпълнението на ЦХР като подготовка за срещата на ООН на високо ниво по въпроса на ЦХР в Ню Йорк през септември.



Latest news

Bulgaria and North Macedonia together to support and develop the Health Mediators program

Blagoevgrad, October 7-9, 2019

Study visit of health mediators, NGO representatives and state institutions from the Republic of North Macedonia took place in October 7-9 in Blagoevgrad. The Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) with the support of the National Network of Health Mediators (NNHM) hosted the three days visit and gave an opportunity for the representatives of HERA – Health Education and Research Association, health mediators from Skopje and Prilep and the Ministry of Health of our neighbor country to understand in details how in years was institutionalized and functions the system of health mediation in Bulgaria. Field visit to the Roma neighborhood Predel Mahala was included in the programme and the guests could see how the work of health mediators Antoaneta Eftimova and Katya Kirilova is going on everyday basis – with institutions, as well with people who need and receive their support.

Romeo and Juliet from Kosharnik district

Montana, September 12, 2019

The Shakespeare and Servantes tour around the Roma neighborhoods of Bulgaria went to the Kosharnik district of Montana. Talented and enthusiastic local children, selected by the Roma actress Natalia Tzekova presented fragments of the drama “Romeo and Juliet” from a newer angle and with adequate health messages. The aim of the social theatre is with the means of art to inform the public in a comprehensible manner about the harm of early marriages and early school drop outs, the benefits of contraception, the importance of prevention of sexually transmitted infections. The messages target young people as well as their parents, some of which joined the scenes to demonstrate their support for what their children are saying. With his monologue about the Roma Don Quixote Valeri Lekov, also part of the production team, explained some of the community specificities. Between the sketches there were “real life” scenes – a woman from the community visits a doctor who explains the benefits of contraception and debunks some “fake news” about contraceptive methods – all this with a lot of humour and highly appreciated by the audience.

BFPA kicks off a new two-year project “I Want to Know”

Sofia, August 23, 2019

With an official green light on August 23, as of Sep 1st BFPA starts activities on a new project – “I WANT TO KNOW – User friendly access to HIV and STI counseling and testing for Roma youth from vulnerable communities”, supported by ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action Programme via CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) UK. The project’s duration is 2 years, during which BFPA will provide voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) with a focus on young Roma men (but not excluding women as well) from poor and marginalized districts through its coordinators in the five BFPA branches in Bulgaria - Pleven, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Russe and Sofia. Activities will begin with a kick-off meeting and VCT training for the service providers, in parallel with informing and awareness raising by elaboration of info materials, disseminated in the targeted communities by one of the closest and dearest BFPA partners – Health Mediators.


Общи :: Африка няма да успее да намали наполовина бедността до 2015 г., твърди Икономическата комисия за Африка