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Общи :: Annual Y-SAFE meeting, February 2-3 2014, and IPPF EN regional management meeting, February 3-5 2014

Annual Y-SAFE meeting, February 2-3 2014, and IPPF EN regional management meeting, February 3-5 2014

Maya YSAFE 2014


Brussels, February 17 2014

At the annual meeting of IPPF's youth network - YSAFE on February 2 2014 in Brussels , Maya Koumanova, a BFPA volunteer from Plovdiv, was elected as a chairperson for a second consecutive term. Maya has been working on developing youth policies for years not only in the country but also in Europe. BFPA is proud to have such a prominent YSAFE and IPPF member as a volunteer.
The work in Brussels continued until February 5 - on February 3rd the young people and executive directors Maya Rada Brussels 2014from the European region shared ideas on the Federation's new strategic plan, facilitated by experts from the Central office in London. At the annual meeting of the executive directors on February 4th and 5th, also in Brussels, BFPA was presented by its executive director  Dr. Radosveta Stamenkova.



Latest news

Most significant change: Documenting stories

Dolna Banya, January 24-26, 2020

On January 26-28 BFPA organized a meeting of the teams working on the project „My body, my rights” from Sofia, Yambol and Montana. Representatives of the three locations shared their experiences from the implemented field activities. We discussed problems which health mediators, self-help group members and their partners face and paid special attention on possible ways and strategies for solving. Participants put accent on good practices that had been identified up to the moment. It was the perfect time to watch and discuss several videos, showing the fieldwork as well as image “memes” with messages, which show benefits of family planning.
Participants gave feedback also for the freshly prepared Manual for self-support groups and for the Health application for mobile devices, which will be useful in the future work on the project and after its ending. Divided into groups by locations the participants from Sofia, Yambol and Montana worked on possible ways of documenting stories for the most significant change of people’s lives as result of the work of project teams and health specialists.

Start of the second edition of the Sofia Health Education Academy

Sofia, December 16, 2019

After a successful and intense first year during which the first batch of alumni peer educators of the Sofia Health Education Academy got skills and knowledge which they are already sharing with their peers, we started the second academic year. In this process the BFPA team works with valuable partners – the PIST Directorate of Sofia Municipality, the National Centre for Public Health and Analyses with MoH (NCPHA) and the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth (BRCY)
During the academic 2018-2019 teams of young people from 1st High school, 144th, 119th schools, 1st ELS and the Professional School of Textile and Fashion Design, supported by their school psychologists underwent an intensive training program and at the end of the education received certificates and demonstrated their abilities in front of schoolmates, parents and teachers.

Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Exploitation of Children

Sofia, November 13, 2019

Another meeting of the Learning Action Partnership (LAP) took place on November 13, 2019 in Sofia. This is, at the same time, the first LAP meting under the project “The Ability to Change”, that builds upon a previous project “The art to inform”. The members of the group discussed opportunities to unite efforts of different organizations and institutions for advocating in area of working on prevention and on cases, connected with sexual exploitation of children. One of the main goals of LAP during the next years is to have significant contribution towards zero tolerance in the society concerning sexual exploitation of children. Numerous initiatives are to come, such as capacity building trainings as well as development and implementation of pilot small projects and field initiatives.
The work of the Partnership is supported by the OAK Foundation.


Общи :: Annual Y-SAFE meeting, February 2-3 2014, and IPPF EN regional management meeting, February 3-5 2014