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Talk HIV. Test HIV

LogoEuropean HIV testing week
November 22-29

Sofia, 06.11.2013
The countdown to the start of the
European HIV testing week under the slogan “Talk HIV. Test HIV” has started. The aim of this pan-European initiative is to inform more people about HIV, more people to know their HIV status by testing and counseling, and also reduce the number of late HIV diagnoses. Internationally, the initiative has attracted until now 356 partner organizations from all European countries. In Bulgaria the initiative has 4 partners – the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association /BFPA/, Health Without Borders Foundation, the National Patients’ Association and Hope Against AIDS Foundation.

EuroNGOs Conference sets the focus for SRHR in the Post-2015 Agenda

Delegates group photoBerlin, October 25th 2013

Yesterday, representatives from 75 of the world’s leading sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) organisations came together at a conference titled, “Next Steps: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights on the Post-2015 Agenda”. The conference was organized by EuroNGOs and hosted by DSW. Part in the meeting also took high–ranking UN officials, as well as a representative of the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA). The event took place nearly a month  after the 68th UN General Assembly’ MDG Special Event where member states came together to agree on a roadmap for a post-2015 agenda.


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Ръководство за учителиПо повод на пресконференцията на
„Свобода за Всеки" и ПП „Християнски демократичен форум”
На 21 октомври, понеделник от 12.00 часа в Пресцентъра на БТА на тема: „Учебникът за 5-8 клас „Азбука за теб и мен”..."

София, 21.10.2013

Обявената пресконференция определя „Азбука за теб и за мен“ - Ръководство за учителя – като УЧЕБНИК за 5-8 клас. Ръководството НЕ Е учебник за ученици, а помагало за учители, които са преминали през 10-дневно обучение за работа с него. То е част от образователен пакет за сексуално и репродуктивно здравно образование за 5-8 клас, издаден през 2005 година, в рамките на проект, изпълняван от Министерството на здравеопазването и Националния център по обществено здраве и анализи с подкрепата и финансовата помощ на Фонда на ООН за население. Този пакет се състои от три части – Ръководство за учители, Задачи за самостоятелна работа за учениците и Книжка за родители.


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Ръководство за учители и задачи за самостоятелна работаОТ АВТОРИТЕ НА РЪКОВОДСТВО ЗА УЧИТЕЛИ,

София, 20.10.2013 г.

 В Древна Гърция философът Сократ е бил осъден на смърт за “развращаване на атинската младеж”, защото е учел своите ученици на себепознание и критично мислене.  Днес в 21 век сякаш отново е възможно да обвиниш в престъпление доказани професионалисти в сферата на здравето и образованието, които се опитват да учат младите да дискутират върху различията във възгледите и ценностите си  и  да търсят  толерантния подход към тях.
През последните дни,  „обществено ангажирани граждани“ и загрижени родители подложиха на атака Ръководството за учители по сексуално и репродуктивно здравно образование „Азбука за теб и за мен“. В някои публикации Ръководството, издадено с финансовата помощ на Фонда на ООН за население, и създадено с координацията на Министерството на здравеопазването и Националния център по обществено здраве и анализи, беше определено като „детско пoрно“.  Екипът от автори на „Азбука за теб и за мен“ категорично възразяват срещу  непрофесионалното тълкуване на теми в ръководството.          

Barometer of Women’s Access to Modern Contraceptive Choice in 10 EU Countries

BarometerFocus: Bulgaria
Key conclusions and recommendations

Barometer of Women’s Access to Modern Contraceptive Choice in 10 EU Countries is the name of the survey that was presented in the European Parliament in June 2013. BFPA translated in Bulgarian and published the survey around 26 September - the World Contraception Day.


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Latest news

My Body, My Rights: Meeting of the Teams from Montana, Sofia and Yambol

Dolna Banya, September 2-4, 2020

Meeting of the teams on the project ‘My Body, My Rights’, supported by the prohgamme for socially responsible business “MSD for Mothers” took place in Dolna Banya on September 2-4, 2020. Special guests during the event were the Executive Director of ‘St. Sofia’ First OB Hospital Dr. Gergana Kolarova and the coordinator of BFPA in Pleven Dr. Krasimir Romanov. The priceless opportunity to have a direct dialog with Dr. Kolarova was highly appreciated by the team in Sofia and gave them the possibility to adjust the field efforts and optimize the collaboration with the hospital in the field of family planning.
Topics of the discussions during the three-day meeting were: what examinations to be done during the pregnancy and what is doing the gynecologist in the different stages; what are the benefits from health insurances; how much does it cost and how to recover health insurance rights; the benefits of visualization for understanding the information. Short educational films, developed to help the work at local level, were presented.
The work during the three days with health mediators and other colleagues working on the field from Montana, Sofia and Yambol included discussing the progress currently made and future activities trill the project end.
In the crisis months from the beginning of the year two tenth graders from Yambol were close to drop out from school due to the death of their parents, but the project team supported them and the boys will finish their secondary education. Two of the girls, trained on the project this year will be studying pedagogy in Veliko Tarnovo University.

The Learning action partnership was introduced to Safenet’s Cyber Scout Programme

Sofia, August 24, 2020

“I’m a 15-year old boy, in the ninth grade. Recently I met a girl in the social networks. After chatting a few days in Skype, we turned on cameras, send saucy pictures…. Now it transpires the girl is not a girl at all, I was recorded and being blackmailed, for money, for more pictures, otherwise the recordings will be made widely public. What do I do to get out of this situation?”
Another case:
“I’m in the sixth grade. A classmate who is a Facebook friend of our history teacher downloaded her picture and made her a professional profile in a porn site. What do I do, how do I react?”
The two cases are just a small part of the one-day training on the Cyber Scout programme for internet safety and online security for the members of the Learning action partnership (LAP). We talked about online bullying, online sexual exploitation, about the ways we should react, what rules apply, what is allowed and effective… We review different cases – from a threat from a pedophile regarding the security of a child to an innocent at first exchange between friends which escalates to online harassment that can have serious and long-term consequences for the victim’s life and mentality.

Capacity building in the fields of communication and advocacy

Dolna Banya, August 20-22, 2020

For three days – from August 20 to 22, 2020 BFPA’s team and Board together with representatives of key partners of the Association gathered at a outside-the-box work meeting in Dolna Banya. The public relations and civic law spepcialists Diana Damyanova and Ivana Murdjeva shared with the participants important accents of their professional expertise which are significant for better understanding the public environment as well as for communicating our messages.
The goal of the event was to analyze the needs of our target groups and of the environment we work in, bearing in mind the challenges for the NGO sector and the specificities in communicating with different audiences in order to be more successful when working in ”our” niche – health prevention, family planning, sexual and reproductive health. A short historical overview of the legislative environment and key normative documents was made.