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Общи :: Африка няма да успее да намали наполовина бедността до 2015 г., твърди Икономическата комисия за Африка
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Африка няма да успее да намали наполовина бедността до 2015 г., твърди Икономическата комисия за Африка

Източник: Medical News Today, 29 март 2010

Изпълнителният секретар на Икономическата комисия за Африка на ООН Абдули Джанех каза, че глобалната икономическа криза ще попречи на Африка да изпълни Целите на хилядолетието за развитие (ЦХР) за намаляване на бедността наполовина до 2015 г.

„Смяташе се, че Африка е до голяма степен защитена от най-лошите ефекти на глобалната икономическа криза, но прогнозите за добър ръст не се сбъднаха заради нея.”

„Глобалната финансова криза засегна ръста в Африка и има бедствени последствия за африканските страни по отношение на намаляването на бедността,” каза Джанех по време на съвместната конференция на ИКА и Африканския съюз (АС) в Лилонгве, Малави.

Абдули Джанех определи ХИВ/СПИН, природните бедствия и продължаващите конфликти като фактори, които също пречат на икономическото развитие на Африка. В свое изказване Джанех каза, че по време на срещата на ИКА и АС ще бъде дискутиран доклад за прогреса на Африка относно изпълнението на ЦХР като подготовка за срещата на ООН на високо ниво по въпроса на ЦХР в Ню Йорк през септември.



Latest news

The alumni of the first Health Education Academy graduated successfully

Sofia, June 17, 2019

Monday, June 17th. Our first alumni class of the Sofia Health Education Academy demonstrated their skills and knowledge in front of classmates, teachers, school directors, school psychologists, parents and supporting institutions. The solemn event took place in the Events Hall at 1st High school, Sofia. The young people from 1st, 144th, 119th schools, 1st ELS and the Professional School of Textile and Fashion Design split into three teams after “drawing straws” and presented the topics “Transformations During Puberty”, “Contraception and STIs” and “Prevention of addictions”. We are very glad that our video on puberty was part of the “fun”. Otherwise the presentations pushed the audience to participate actively. The culmination was a surprise for all – we were visited by the TV show “Masters of the air” who enhanced the effect of the challenge.

BFPA gathered the teams from Sofia, Yambol and Montana on a work meeting

Varshetz, May 10-12, 2019

From May 10th trough 12th in Varshetz, BFPA held a working meeting under the “My Body, my rights” project, funded as a part of the global “MSD for Mothers” programme. Hosts and speakers at the meeting were Dr. Radosveta Stamenkova, Ventzislav Kirkov and Boyan Mladenov form the BFPA team in Sofia, and the participants were the local project coordinators, health mediators and social workers from the project locations: Yambol – the villages of Kukorevo, Hadjidimitrovo, Veselinovo and Zavoy; Montana – Ogosta and Kosharnik districts; Sofia –Fakulteta and Filipovci districts. During the working meeting were discussed theoretical and real practice cases from field work with representatives of marginalized groups on topics like hygiene, health messages and campaigns, STI prevention, family planning and contraception. The people working in the project locations shared their experience from this and preceding projects about field work with marginalized groups, they discussed what are the challenges and the most successful approaches for achieving the best results. Peter Tzvetanov, coordinator of project activities in Montana, presented a memorable educational session on self-help groups and his colleagues from Montana and Yambol re-enacted some interesting practical cases. Their colleagues from Sofia put up for discussion theoretical situations that may arise during work.

Second training of the peer educators from Sofia Academy for health education

Petrohan, April 12-14, 2019

In the three days between April 12 and 14 took place the second module of the preparation of peer educators from the Health and Sexuality Education Youth Academy, realized with the support of the PIST directorate of Sofia Municipality. The focus of the second stage of education was upon elaboration of communication skills, teambuilding and team work, acquiring of knowledge about the prevention of trafficking of human beings, knowledge of hygiene as a starting point to peer education, adopting healthy eating habits and preventing eating disorders, work with vulnerable groups. In addition to health knowledge, the future peer educators acquired also social and personal ones – how to define one’s personal space – useful when working with young people with disabilities, and how to plan their own free time.


Общи :: Африка няма да успее да намали наполовина бедността до 2015 г., твърди Икономическата комисия за Африка