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Общи :: Survivors Handbook (or not) for Positive – published by BFPA

Survivors Handbook (or not) for Positive – published by BFPA

EditionSofia, December 1, 2016

The Bulgarian Association for Family Planning and Sexual Health (BFPA) choose the World AIDS Day  - December 1, 2016 to launch its newest edition - the book of Milen Chavrov and Ivana Murdjeva  ‘Survivors Handbook (or not) for Positive.’The edition contains personally experienced stories of people living with HIV. It presents not popular and not presented up to the moment focus concerning HIV/AIDS in Bulgaria. It appeals to (re)think on categories ‘support’, understanding’, ‘friendship’ and ‘human attitude’ and tells about the huge and excessive burden which people living with HIV have to stand.
Main characters in the stories are Ivancho, Mariyka, ‘the white coats’, the Gatherer of fallen souls and the Fairy of law. After each story there is a comment with additional information and the legislative point of view is given to every case. The authors – the NGO activist Milen Chavrov and the lawyer Ivana Murdjeva, are long-year consultants of people working on problems related to HIV/AIDS, as well of people living with HIV.

Discussion‘Dear colleagues, …the patient leaves keeping deep inside our attitude to his/her problem’, says in the preface of the book Prof. Radka Argirova, MD – a world known name in virology, founder and director of the first laboratory of HIV/AIDS in Bulgaria.The issuing of the manual which messages are targeting medical specialists, institutions, people living with HIV and the wide audience as a whole, received a wide reflection via publications and participation of the authors in national media.
According to data of MoH up to November 25, 2016, 88% from the new registered HIV cases in the country are infected sexually. From the beginning of this year new 193 HIV cases are found, which makes the number of officially registered in Bulgaria HIV-infected persons 2 460.
Today more than ever we have to rethink on the communicating HIV/AIDS at every level: ministry, professionals, media – wide audience. The science is been developing and progressing in its findings, including in the field of research on HIV. HIV-infection today can be treated as a chronicle disease. Current informational and antistigma campaigns are needed in Bulgaria. The stigma is not only in relationships between people, but also in the language of institutions and media as a follow up from not properly and not enough currently given information and not fully understanding of the specifics of HIV/AIDS – by professionals, as well by the wide audience. Stigmatizing of HIV-positive people is an obstacle for adequate attitude and understanding of people towards the problem of the increasing spread of the infection.



Latest news

Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Exploitation of Children

Sofia, November 13, 2019

Another meeting of the Learning Action Partnership (LAP) took place on November 13, 2019 in Sofia. This is, at the same time, the first LAP meting under the project “The Ability to Change”, that builds upon a previous project “The art to inform”. The members of the group discussed opportunities to unite efforts of different organizations and institutions for advocating in area of working on prevention and on cases, connected with sexual exploitation of children. One of the main goals of LAP during the next years is to have significant contribution towards zero tolerance in the society concerning sexual exploitation of children. Numerous initiatives are to come, such as capacity building trainings as well as development and implementation of pilot small projects and field initiatives.
The work of the Partnership is supported by the OAK Foundation.

First coordination meeting for the “I want to know” project




Sofia, November 8-9, 2019

On November 8 in Sofia coordinators and service providers  from  BFPA branches in the country  gathered for an initial training about the activities of the two-year “I want to Know” project, financed by Viiv Heakthcare. The discussions included the project activities, the time schedule, target groups and access to them, specificities of working with marginalized groups, identifying the locations for each voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) action. Each coordinator made a prediction of the project activities they could do until the end of 2019 and all received the necessary informational printed materials. Individual risk assessment of the vulnerable communities and optimizing the work of BFPA  in-country were the main discussion topic during the second day of the meeting.

Bulgaria and North Macedonia together to support and develop the Health Mediators program

Blagoevgrad, October 7-9, 2019

Study visit of health mediators, NGO representatives and state institutions from the Republic of North Macedonia took place in October 7-9 in Blagoevgrad. The Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) with the support of the National Network of Health Mediators (NNHM) hosted the three days visit and gave an opportunity for the representatives of HERA – Health Education and Research Association, health mediators from Skopje and Prilep and the Ministry of Health of our neighbor country to understand in details how in years was institutionalized and functions the system of health mediation in Bulgaria. Field visit to the Roma neighborhood Predel Mahala was included in the programme and the guests could see how the work of health mediators Antoaneta Eftimova and Katya Kirilova is going on everyday basis – with institutions, as well with people who need and receive their support.


Общи :: Survivors Handbook (or not) for Positive – published by BFPA