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Общи :: European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week /CCPW/, January 19-25 2014

European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week /CCPW/, January 19-25 2014

 Campaign logo

Sofia, January 24 2014 

The European Cervical Cancer Association is celebrating the European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week for eight years already. This traditionally is happening in the third week of January. World good practice shows that through regular national screenings the risk of cervical cancer is reduced by 80%. With vaccinations against the Human Papiloma Virus /HPV/ the risk is reduced even more. Those are the goals of the 8th European CCPW – to inform the society as a whole and women in reproductive age in particular who are the potential victims of the disease. The main issues covered are connected with where and how women can be examined and informed about the HPV vaccines, why Pap smear is so important and many others.

Campaign coloursAnother perspective of the campaign is connected with refreshing the knowledge of medical professionals – Gynecologists, GPs, nurses and midwives on the aspects of screening and vaccination so that they can answer their patients queries. Last, but not least the Week is working n advocacy issues, informing government officials on the benefits of those activities with the aim of implementing nationwide screening and vaccination programmes.
Pearl of wisdomThe symbol of the campaign is the Pearl of Wisdom – an easily recognizable symbol of commitment to the campaign. During the European CCPW all over the continent more than 5000 activities in connection with HPV prevention will be held. Most of them will target the general public, but there will be seminars for the medical professionals, as well as advocacy campaigns aimed at political and government officials.

In Bulgaria BFPA is the main partner of the European Cervical Cancer Association. We are planning various events in the period 19 – 31 January, extending the week of the campaign to two weeks of active interventions against cervical cancer. We will disseminate the Pearls of Wisdom and other promotional and informational materials and will conduct informational and educational sessions for our clients and target groups in Sofia and for the teams of the family and consultative centers in Shumen, Veliki Preslav and Novi Pazar. All women visiting our clinic in the campaign period will receive one of our beautiful Pearls of Wisdom.



Latest news

First coordination meeting for the “I want to know” project




Sofia, November 8-9, 2019

On November 8 in Sofia coordinators and service providers  from  BFPA branches in the country  gathered for an initial training about the activities of the two-year “I want to Know” project, financed by Viiv Heakthcare. The discussions included the project activities, the time schedule, target groups and access to them, specificities of working with marginalized groups, identifying the locations for each voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) action. Each coordinator made a prediction of the project activities they could do until the end of 2019 and all received the necessary informational printed materials. Individual risk assessment of the vulnerable communities and optimizing the work of BFPA  in-country were the main discussion topic during the second day of the meeting.

Bulgaria and North Macedonia together to support and develop the Health Mediators program

Blagoevgrad, October 7-9, 2019

Study visit of health mediators, NGO representatives and state institutions from the Republic of North Macedonia took place in October 7-9 in Blagoevgrad. The Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) with the support of the National Network of Health Mediators (NNHM) hosted the three days visit and gave an opportunity for the representatives of HERA – Health Education and Research Association, health mediators from Skopje and Prilep and the Ministry of Health of our neighbor country to understand in details how in years was institutionalized and functions the system of health mediation in Bulgaria. Field visit to the Roma neighborhood Predel Mahala was included in the programme and the guests could see how the work of health mediators Antoaneta Eftimova and Katya Kirilova is going on everyday basis – with institutions, as well with people who need and receive their support.

Romeo and Juliet from Kosharnik district

Montana, September 12, 2019

The Shakespeare and Servantes tour around the Roma neighborhoods of Bulgaria went to the Kosharnik district of Montana. Talented and enthusiastic local children, selected by the Roma actress Natalia Tzekova presented fragments of the drama “Romeo and Juliet” from a newer angle and with adequate health messages. The aim of the social theatre is with the means of art to inform the public in a comprehensible manner about the harm of early marriages and early school drop outs, the benefits of contraception, the importance of prevention of sexually transmitted infections. The messages target young people as well as their parents, some of which joined the scenes to demonstrate their support for what their children are saying. With his monologue about the Roma Don Quixote Valeri Lekov, also part of the production team, explained some of the community specificities. Between the sketches there were “real life” scenes – a woman from the community visits a doctor who explains the benefits of contraception and debunks some “fake news” about contraceptive methods – all this with a lot of humour and highly appreciated by the audience.


Общи :: European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week /CCPW/, January 19-25 2014