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Events :: Достъп :: The State Agency for Child Protection presented its annual "Ambassador of Good" awards

The State Agency for Child Protection presented its annual "Ambassador of Good" awards

DilpomaSofia, March 17, 2022

For a third consecutive year, the State Agency for Child Protection (SACP) presented its annual "Ambassador of Good" awards. After a very difficult choice and dozens of stories submitted to the SACP, the seventeen ambassadors of good for 2021 were identified. They are all people and organizations that have done good and helped a child/children in need, extended a hand and even risked their own lives to make a child and his family believe that goodness exists again. It is a great honor for BFPA that the Executive Director of the Association, Dr. Radosveta Stamenkova, is among the 17 winners. The prize - Crystal Heart - was presented to her by Associate Professor Mihail Okoliyski from the Bulgarian WHO office.

Award ceremonyHere are some more of the Ambassadors of Good for 2021 of the SACP:
The children from the volunteer club "Transmittable Good" at the Secondary School "Prof. Nikola Marinov”, Targovishte; For the Good Foundation, which organized a campaign and managed to provide scholarships for the children of the heroes from the front line - medics and teachers who lost the battle with Covid; The founder of the Bulgarian team of athletes with Down syndrome Slav Petkov. He has been working hard for years for the cause of children with special educational needs. Slav Petkov's heroes brought to Bulgaria three silver medals from the World Championship in Italy in 2021; Irina Ilieva, health mediator in the village of Ivanski, Shumen municipality. Her priority is maternal health and children in early childhood; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doncho Donchev - Dr. Donchev is an otorhinolaryngology specialist at the Military Medical Academy - one of the most beloved pediatricians. He has helped hundreds of children to regain their hearing; The firefighters from Blagoevgrad. Risking their lives, in an extremely complicated situation, they saved the lives of twins who are only 38 days old and 6 other children; The talent from the "Voice of Bulgaria" Georgi Kostadinov who on June 1 – Children’s Day, while working in his taxi, saved a child in a serious condition with his quick reaction; the Bulgarian Red Cross; the Lazar Radkov Foundation for their campaign "Caps for the Future"; journalist Ani Salic and others.
Key representatives of the governmental institutions, and Parliament, civil society activists as well as children - SACP volunteers, took part in the Ambassador of Goodness 2021 ceremony.



Latest news

How Health Knowledge to Get to Roma Communities

Dolna Banya, July 5-7, 2022

After two days fulfilling work on leadership and advocacy with unbelievable roma young people from Lom, Dupnitsa and Byala Slatina problems in respective communities were identified. Discussions in searching the best decisions were led; image of the target groups and stakeholders was created and the needed communication skills on leading a successful campaign were discussed. Role plays, practical cases and individual video presentations with messages were commented.
The health mediators Tanya Kirilova from Lom, Daniela Ljubenova from Dupnitza and Mirena Bocheva from Byala Slatina are real mentors for the young people from the communities they work for. The three of them, together with Dr. Rada Stamenkova, Pavlina Filipova and Ralitsa Zgalevska from BFPA team actively contributed to support the motivated and well-prepared young people, enthusiastic to advocate for better health of people from their communities. In the coming months the team will continue to work on building their capacity as leaders and to help them with expertise and guidelines.

ARIE project coordination meeting

Ljubljana, June 24, 2022

On June 24, a reporting and coordination meeting on the ARIE project, supported by the ERASMUS+ program of the EU was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Project coordinators, from the 6 organizations from the participating countries - the project leader Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria (BFPA is the Bulgarian project partner), Romania and the host of the meeting Slovenia. The previous activities carried out in individual countries were discussed: dissemination of the methodology and pilot training of end users – people living with HIV (PLHIV). The representatives of the individual countries talked about the difficulties and obstacles in the implementation of the activities, and then shared their successes, passing on valuable experience to the other participants. Future actions on the project and deadlines for their implementation were identified.

BFPA supports parents' and teachers’ communities in Pasarel in their search for the right communication channels with children and adolescents

Pasarel, June 11, 2022

The primary school in the village of Pasarel hosted a meeting between parents, teachers and representatives of the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) Dr. Rada Stamenkova and Ralitsa Zgalevska on Saturday, June 11, 2022. The director Ivaylo Kiskinov and the school psychologist Nadezhda Dedova, on whose initiative the event took place, were also at the vivid discussion, planned as a two-hour but prolonged three-hours without break - there were many questions, long answers, shared opinions, personal stories, observations and experience exchanged. It was about how to talk with children for growing up before they reach puberty, how to prepare them for the changes ahead, how to stay calm and confident as they go through the challenges of this specific and difficult age; how to stay in touch with them without avoiding awkward questions and at the same time not manipulating the information they receive, together with enhancing the ability to identify fake news on Internet.


Events :: Достъп :: The State Agency for Child Protection presented its annual "Ambassador of Good" awards