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Events :: Достъп :: The Valya Krushkina - Journalism for the people Awards 2020 was presented for the ninth time

The Valya Krushkina - Journalism for the people Awards 2020 was presented for the ninth time

WinnersSofia, December 18, 2020
As always, in December it is time for the winners of the "Valya Krushkina - Journalism for the people" competition to be awarded. BFPA has supported the initiative since its inception. This has been happening for nine consecutive years, but for the first time not live - the Covid pandemic affected this significant event for the media and public environment. There are 4 categories - electronic media, writing journalist, filming journalist and journalist-hope. In addition, there is The Big Prize. The jury consists of seven members, all well-known names from various leading media in Bulgaria. The winners were chosen from 106 submitted materials. We all hope that next year the tenth anniversary edition of the competition will be live, and that we will put an end to the pandemic. For the first time we will mention who supported the event for the modest prize fund with the clear awareness that in these conditions there are not doing it for strong publicity, but only to support the cause - Bulgarian Society for Public Relations (BDVO), L'Occitane en Provence and Salon Olfactive.
Indeed, this year the competition faced a number of challenges due to the epidemic situation in the country, which was the reason for the official award ceremony to be canceled. However, this did not prevent nominations and winners from being announced, albeit in a slightly more unconventional format. All nominated materials were sent to the seven-member jury. These are journalists with proven experience and reputation in the field, namely:
1. Maria Cherneva, BNT
2. Rosen Tsvetkov, bTV
3. Silvia Velikova, BNR
4. Nikolina Dimitrova, Bulgaria ON AIR
5. Vladimir Yonchev, OFF News
6. Stoyana Georgieva, Mediapool
7. Petyo Tsekov, Sega newspaper

They gave their assessments and chose the journalistic materials that this year deserves to be awarded with the emblematic statuette - a glass Pear - a symbol of the awards, as well as to receive a diploma. Here are the winners by category:

Awards1. Electronic media: Maria Vankova - Winner in the category of electronic media In this most contested category, Maria's runners-up are Ivaylo Vezenkov and Desislava Rizova. Here are the materials that deserved their place in the top three:
1. Maria Vankova, bTV Media Group - Nominated material - bTV reporters: "Medicine at any cost"
2. Ivaylo Vezenkov, Free Europe - Nominated material - "I was 6. I wanted to pick dandelions." Is there a cure for children who have experienced violence
3. Desislava Rizova, bTV Media Group - Nominated material - bTV reporters: The Kamchia Project

2.Writing journalist
Here are the top 3 writing journalists. The winner of the award is Spas Spasov with material about the murky secrets of Varna Lake, worth millions. Spas won in an equal race with the materials of Nikolay Staykov and Marieta Dimitrova.
1. Spas Spasov, Dnevnik, Capital - Nominated material: Question for 5 million euros emerges from the murky bottom of Varna Lake
2. Nikolay Staykov, Anti-Corruption Fund - Nominated material: The whole story of "The Eight Dwarfs" - everything we couldn't tell in the movies
3. Marieta Dimitrova, Blagoevgrad News Information Agency - Nominated material: To buy media comfort with the taxpayers' money: How did the municipality of Blagoevgrad distribute nearly BGN 1 million without rules?

3. Shooting journalist
The filming journalist in this year's edition of the competition is Miroslav Mihailov, followed by Teodora Barzakova, in second place.
1. Miroslav Mihailov - Nominated material - A series of materials covering the protests
2. Teodora Barzakova, Free Europe, - Nominated material - Exactly how many thousands are "thousands of people" on the streets?

4. "Journalist - Hope" These are the young journalists Tatiana Yordanova and Vladislava Trichkova, who competed with 10 journalists with 25 articles. Their runners-up are Victoria Simeonova and Elitsa Simeonova.
1. Vladislava Trichkova, New Television - Nominated material - THE TOUCHING STORIES OF THE ADOPTED: To find your origin against the law
1. Tatiana Yordanova, BNT - Nominated material - Graduates per kilogram
2. Victoria Simeonova, gospodari.com ("Masters of the Web") - Nominated material - Burgas municipalities persuaded to vote FOR Dogan's Sheds to become private land?
3. Elitsa Simeonova, Free Europe Nominated material - The flood in Pernik was only a matter of time. And everyone knew that

The man who most impressed the jury of the awards this marked by Covid year and became the winner of the Grand Prize "Valya Krushkina - Journalism for People" is Dobromir Ivanov from bTV Media Group, with the material Breathe! For the first time, a filming journalist takes the Grand Prix. He dedicated it to medics battling the pandemic.
We hope that next year we will have the opportunity to help organize the jubilee tenth edition of "Valya Krushkina - Journalism for the People" live and in person!



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Sofia, January 7, 2021
Online meeting with Prof. Radka Argirova, MD, leading virologist with prominent scientific and practical experience was held on January 7th, 2021. The meeting provoked interest and attracted attention of more than 80 people from all regions of the country – among them were representatives of Learning Action Partnership (LAP), BFPA staff and Management bard, NGOs, institutions, medical doctors and health mediators. The topic of the event was ‘ SARS-CoV-2 – About the Virus, Specific Diagnostics and Vaccines’ . During the more than two hours and a half lasted forum was presented a lecture including information about arising epidemics and pandemics, mechanisms of occurrence and evolution of viruses; main generally accepted facts, diagnosis and development of Covid 19. Review of the types of tests for Covid 19 was made, qualities of antigen test and types of PCR tests were discussed, as special attention was drawn to cases with false negative results, asymptomatic patients, and symptomatic patients with negative results. Special attention was also given to the different vaccines elaborated to combat the virus. Participants took the opportunity to ask additional questions after the lecture. You can listren to them in Bulgarian here
Outwitting the pandemic - in search of digital applications for health education and information

Sofia, Montana, Yambol, December 2020

Despite the restrictions imposed by the measures against Covid 19, in recent months the planned activities in the second year of the project "My body, my rights", supported by the socially responsible business program "MSD for mothers", continue in three locations - Sofia, Montana and Yambol. The coordinators of the project by places - Fakulteta district in Sofia - Valentin Blagoev, Kosharnik quarter and Ogosta quarter in Montana - Petar Tsvetanov and the whole Tundzha municipality in Yambol (the villages of Veselinovo, Kukorevo, Tenevo, Zavoy) - Kina Assenova, hold meetings of self-help groups - though in  more limited numbers due to precautionary measures, conduct training events for young people - outdoors, through specialized stands for distribution of printed materials for the project itself and for the SRH in general, and most importantly - support marginalized members of communities with hygiene materials, essential goods and medicines and specialized information for prevention from Covid, along with the usual topics - prevention of unwanted pregnancy, prevention of STIs, maternal and child health and many others, through selfless and exhausting walking from the neck of door due to the impossibility to organize large information sessions.

Break the Silence: Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Violence of Children Could Happen Everywhere

Sofia, November 18, 2020

Break the Silence: November 18 is the European Day on protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual violence.
The first thing that comes to mind when we hear ‘sexual exploitation’ is usually connected with red lanterns, streets or roads with women (and men) sex workers, trafficking of human beings. Sexual exploitation of children could have also other faces – sex services in exchange of expensive things such as smart phone or modern accessory or at the cost of a lunch, sweets or instead of rent for parents’ accommodation. It can happen via internet and to affect minors before they become teenagers. That’s why it is needed to break the silence and to ask for zero tolerance concerning this ugly phenomenon. Statistics show that one of five children becomes victim of violence, including sexual. As parents we can prevent this: we can teach them for instance on the Rule of the Bathing Suit. It says that no one has the right to touch their body, especially where the body is covered by a swimming bathing suit. Medical examinations and manipulations as well don’t have to be allowed without their informed consent. The rule helps children to understand that their bodies are their own, that there is good and bad touching, as well es personal borders and social ethnic norms.


Events :: Достъп :: The Valya Krushkina - Journalism for the people Awards 2020 was presented for the ninth time