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About us :: Structure and documents :: CODE OF CONDUCT


Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA)


1.BFPA is an organization that is guided by the principles of respecting human rights and the human dignity of all members of society, without exception. BFPA is committed to the human rights’ legal framework, which prohibits any form of discrimination, exclusion or restriction based on racial or ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, health or social status, or personal status (disabilities, pregnancy, parental status, etc.).

2.BFPA recognizes the right to freedom from abuse, exploitation and harassment enshrined in international human rights law, namely: the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and cultural rights, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. BFPA considers sexual harassment and abuse as a form of gender-based violence.

3.BFPA carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, the legislation of the countries from which it receives funding, as well as the internal rules and regulations of the organization and in accordance with the highest ethical principles of work.

4.In accordance with its vision and values, BFPA is committed to maintaining the highest degree of ethical behavior among all its volunteers, members and governing bodies, employees and associates  . To aid in better understanding, this Code of Conduct details BFPA's expectations of all those involved in the organization's work.

Purpose and scope

5.This Code aims to define the guiding principles and values applicable to all members, governing bodies, employees, partners and beneficiaries of BFPA. These guiding principles and values must be implemented through the organization's relevant policies and procedures.
6.The Code of Conduct is part of BFPA's commitment to provide the best possible environment for those who provide services and those who participate in BFPA's services and activities.
7.The purpose of this Code is to enable greater individual accountability by providing clear guidance on what is expected of BFPA volunteers, members and governing bodies, employees and associates when carrying out tasks or activities related to the work of BFPA.
8.The Code of Conduct applies to all volunteers, members of the organization, members of the Management Board, employees and collaborators of the organization (on a permanent employment contract, on fixed-term or temporary contracts), as well as to partners, contractors and suppliers.
Vision, mission and values of BFPA

9. BFPA's vision is to work for a society in which everyone has the right to free and informed choice and access to quality education and services in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). 

10. BFPA's mission is to unite and lead stakeholders in the field of SRHR, provide expertise and quality services, and advocate for development and progressive legislative initiatives.

11. The values of BFPA are:

11.1. Autonomy and freedom
BFPA believes that autonomy and freedom are fundamental ethical principles, as they guarantee the making of personal and independent decisions, confidential and with mutual trust.
11.2. Respect
BFPA believes that respect is a fundamental principle in every action of the organization.
11.3. Professionalism 
BFPA believes in professionalism based on knowledge, skills, experience and compliance with norms (written and unwritten), because this leads to quality work and good results. BFPA considers expertise to be a guiding principle.
11.4. Justice 
BFPA believes in justice because it respects the rights of everyone and leads to equal positioning in terms of health, social and civil perspectives.
11.5. Innovations 
BFPA believes that everyone has the right to benefit from scientific and technological progress and that creativity and innovative approach should be encouraged and supported.
11.6. Cooperation 
BFPA believes in cooperation, because together and in partnership challenges can be overcome.

Standards and basic principles of the BFPA Code of Conduct

Volunteers, employees, members of the organization, members of the Board of Directors, associates and partners of BFPA, as defined in paragraph 8 above, are required to comply with the following standards and principles:

12. Honesty and integrity

To follow the principles of honesty and integrity and to uphold the reputation of BFPA by ensuring that their professional and personal conduct is consistent with the values and standards of the organization.

12.1. To treat all people fairly with respect and dignity;
12.2. When working or traveling to various locations within the country and abroad on behalf of BFPA, to comply with all local laws and be sensitive to local customs;
12.3. To ensure that their personal behavior does not lead to damage to the reputation of the organization or does not affect the required level of professionalism and Conduct in the performance of the tasks assigned to them by BFPA;
12.4. Not to work in case of incapacity caused by various factors, such as the influence of alcohol, narcotics, etc.

13. Open-mindedness and tolerant behavior

13.1. In their work to avoid any kind of discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin, nationality, beliefs, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, social or health status.
13.2. Have "zero" tolerance for abusive or discriminatory behaviour, exploitation or harassment, especially towards vulnerable groups
13.3. To decide on partnership, funding or support only from organizations or individuals who declare their unbiased position and share the organization's values.

14. Security and work environment

BFPA is committed to ensuring that working conditions and the working environment are healthy and safe for all employees, volunteers, members and associates of the organization. For their part, the latter undertake:

14.1. Comply with all legal and organizational health and safety requirements in force in the workplace;
14.2. Comply with all local security guidelines and inform management of any problems encountered or changes required;
14.3. Behave in a manner that avoids undue risk to the safety, health and well-being of themselves and others, including the partner organizations and communities with which BFPA works;
14.4. Be responsible for social media accounts and when using photographs obtained in the course of work, always obtain informed consent and preserve the privacy and dignity of all individuals by ensuring that they are not put at risk by the use of their image .

15. Dignity and collegiality

Not behave in a manner that has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of an individual or creating a threatening, hostile, degrading or offensive work environment for that individual.

15.1. To be respectful and considerate in their behavior towards everyone, especially in the work environment;
15.2. To declare if there is a potential conflict of interest, disrespectful behavior, offensive language, sexual innuendos, etc.
15.3. Not to abuse any position of authority;
15.4. To comply with the expectations of behavior in the workplace, according to the organization's policy for a good working environment.

16. Transparency and accountability

To be responsible for the use of information, assets and resources to which they have access when working with BFPA.

16.1. To be responsible for all money and property of BFPA and to ensure that the organization's assets and resources are used responsibly and efficiently;
16.2. To provide transparently and responsibly all information distributed by BFPA, to be complete, accurate and comprehensive and thus enable the recipients to be well informed and able to determine their relationship with the organization;
16.3. Not use IT equipment, software, e-mail or social media platforms to engage in activity that is illegal under local or international law or that promotes conduct that would constitute a criminal offence. This includes any material that intimidates or harasses anyone or any group, the characteristics of which are specified in paragraph 1 of this Code;
16.4. Not to use BFPA IT equipment to view, download, create, distribute or record of inappropriate or offensive material, including but not limited to pornography or images of child abuse.

17. Conflict of interests

In the performance of their duties and in the performance of any activity, to avoid situations giving rise to a real or even potential conflict of interest.

17.1. To declare any financial or personal interest that may influence the work of BFPA. A "self-interest" is any kind of interest that could cause someone to be influenced in making a decision. Such may include the financial or other interests of an individual's spouse, partner or cohabitant, parent, grandparent, sibling, child, grandchild, etc.
17.2. Not to participate in the provision of benefits, contracts for goods or services, 
employment or promotion within BFPA, to a person with whom they have a financial, personal, family or close intimate relationship, or in any other circumstances that could raise concerns, that decision-making may be influenced by financial or personal interest;
17.3. To follow not only the conflict of interest policy specified in Bulgarian legislation, but to avoid conflict of interest with respect to political parties, religious organizations, donors, recipients of BFPA funding and service providers;
17.4. Not to accept gifts, including remuneration, provision of services and items from governments, donors, suppliers, communities and individuals with whom BFPA works and which are offered to them as a result of working with BFPA in any capacity.

18. Confidentiality

To respect the confidentiality of the information they have access to within the organization.

18.1. Not divulge, disclose, provide to another, or distribute confidential information related to colleagues, work-related matters or any sensitive information that comes to their knowledge in connection with the performance of their professional duties;
18.2. To comply with the principles in the privacy and information sharing policy.

Application of the Code

19.   Approval and Distribution

19.1. The Code of Conduct was adopted by the Board of Directors of BFPA and was presented and approved by the General Assembly. All future amendments are also to be accepted by the Board and approved by the General Assembly;
19.2. The Code is published on the BFPA website;
19.3. BFPA management ensures that all BFPA employees, volunteers, collaborators and service providers and members understand and adhere to this Code of Conduct;
19.4. The Code of Conduct is part of all employment contracts. Violation of the Code by employees is grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal;
19.5. This Code of Conduct is also applicable to volunteers, partners, contractors and suppliers as stated in paragraph 8 above. Violation of the Code may result in termination of contracts or volunteer roles.

20. Reports of violations

20.1. If employees, volunteers or members of BFPA, as defined above in paragraph 8, have concerns or have witnessed an incident, abuse, violation of laws, regulations or the ethical principles of this Code, they should immediately inform the Executive Director of the BFPA and the member of the Board responsible for reports and violations.
20.2. Whistleblowers will be protected under BFPA's whistleblowing policy.
20.3. If the whistleblower does not feel comfortable reporting to the Executive Director or Board member, they may use the IPPF SafeReport system, the IPPF's external incident reporting service, of which the BFPA is a full accredited member.

The Code of Conduct of BFPA was approved on June 26, 2020 at the General Assembly of the organization.



Latest news

BFPA survey about positive birth-rate measures

Sofia, December 5, 2022 

The Bulgarian Association for Family Planning and Sexual Health (BFPA) presented the results of a nationally representative survey conducted by KANTAR. The study took place in August 2022, among a sample of 836 people from the adult population and analyzed the measures that would positively affect the birth rate.

You can find the full research here

Final conference on ARIE project: PLHIV and fitness

Sofia, November 11, 2022

On November 11, 2022, the final conference of the ARIE project was held in Sofia. The project is supported by the Erasmus+ Sport program, led by the long-standing Italian partner of BFPA ANLAIDS – Lombardia. The rest of the participating organizations are from Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia. The activities are aimed at people living with HIV (PLHIV), the goal of the project is to develop and introduce a fitness program and an activity protocol for people living with HIV. In Bulgaria the project was coordinated by Boyan Mladenov from the BFPA team. Among the participants of the conference were health specialists, professors from medical universities, NGO partners, representatives of the target group. From the Bulgarian side the most outstanding was the presentation of Prof. Radka Argirova “HIV,Covid and Monkeypox - what more we have to know”
The project aims to promote physical activity in the form of personalized guidelines among people between the ages of 18 and 50 who are living with HIV and who are on treatment, offering an innovative fitness protocol to engage them in moderate physical activity.
This is the first project in Europe specifically targeting people living with HIV and fitness to promote a healthy lifestyle and add fitness protocols to HIV therapy.

Presentation of the results of a regional study and recommendations for SRH services in the European Parliament - project "Youth Voices, Youth Choices"

Brussels, October 26, 2022

In the last months of 2022 the partners of the YVYC project, together with experts and young people, developed recommendations for regional policy recommendations for improvement of health and social systems and SRHR services for young people after the Covid 19 pandemic.
The recommendations are targeting decision-makers at international and national institutions.  They were presented in the European Parliament on October 26, 2022 by young advocates and experts, with the support of MEP Fred Matic. Three BFPA representatives - Victoria Nikolova, Venelin Stoychev and Pavlina Filipova participated in the EP meeting.


About us :: Structure and documents :: CODE OF CONDUCT