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About us :: Policies :: Non Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy

Non Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy

The Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA)

Non Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy

Non Discrimination

1. BFPA in all its history, as member of relevant national and international networks such as IPPF, the National Network for children and the National Platform for International development supports core values, believes in social justice, and understands that a framework of non-discrimination underlies all human rights protection and promotion.
2. The framework of non-discrimination prohibits any distinction, exclusion or restriction on the basis of age; sex; sexual orientation; marital status; race; color; ethnicity; language; religion; political or other opinion; national, geographical or social origin; physical or mental disability; health status, including HIV; and civil, political, social or other status; which has the purpose or effect of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment or exercise on an equal basis with others, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other field.

3. The Association fully accepts the basic principles of sexual rights as one of the Basic Human rights and considers as issue of discrimination and gender inequality the unequal access to cultural, economic, political or social rights such as sexual and reproductive health services, comprehensive health abd sexuality education.
4. The Association rejects any form of sexual violence, abuse or exploitation which impair a person’s enjoyment of rights on an equal footing with others.
5. Equality requires every individual to enjoy fundamental rights and freedoms on an equal basis with others. This may require that particular attention be paid to vulnerable, marginalized and under-served groups.
6. BFPA works for better and equal access for all and to sexual and reproductive health and rights.
7. BFPA believes in social justice and challenges all forms of discrimination especially that based on sex, age, social class, disability, HIV status, sexual orientation, religion, race and ethnicity.
8. BFPA works to support young people, both girls and boys to fulfill their potential and become active members of their societies and recognizes the need to understand better their needs, and to address those needs by directing resources through its program work in order to improve their positions in society.
9. Non-discrimination is an important principle that forms the basis of BFPA strategies. The Association takes as the foundation of our practice the UN Convention on Human Rights and IPPF Declaration on Sexual Rights to work to eliminate gender discrimination in societies at all levels.
10. BFPA strives to provide an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity can contribute fully and have equal opportunities.

Equal opportunities

1. Goal: to support the achievement of equal opportunities of women and men and ensure access to the SRHR services equally.
2. Ensure women equal participation with men in the working processes of the Association, including governing bodies and senior staff
3. Gender equality is a crosscutting issue and as such must be considered as an integral part of BFPA policies, programs and projects. Addressing gender equality as a crosscutting goal requires that women views, interests and needs shape the Association works as much as men, and that the organization supports progress towards more equal relations between women and men with special emphasis on Young People.
4. Achieving gender equality does not mean that women become the same as men and vice versa. Equality means that ones rights or opportunities do not depend on being male or female
5. Support women and girls and vulnerable groups in the realization of their full human rights via:
• providing training and education to make sure everyone knows their rights and responsibilities
• Identifying marginalized groups of the population and promoting access to services
• regularly monitoring organizational systems for barriers
• promoting non discrimination during the working on all levels of the organization (including: implementing projects   and its activities, promoting services and etc
• Promoting appropriate standards of conduct at all times
• Empower vulnerable groups and improve their capacity and opportunities
6. Achieving equal opportunities requires the recognition that every policy, program and project affects women and men. Supporting men’s health and engaging and involving participation of men and boys is as essential as engaging women and girls.
7. BFPA believes that every individual should enjoy the equal rights and makes contribution to elimination of any kind of discrimination based on the gender roles and power relations attitude towards girls and women. No distinction should be made for opportunities such as division of labor, education access to health care and sociali benefits. No person should be the victim of violence, abuse or exploitation, as per the concept of non discrimination.

Approved by the Management board and the AGM July 2018




Latest news

BFPA starts working on a new project – ARIE - supported by the ERASMUS+ program

Sofia, March 2021

The Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) is a partner in the first European project that encourages People Living with HIV (PLHIV) to implement regularly a system of aerobic exercises. The project was supposed to start in the beginning of 2020 but the Covid-19 pandemic postponed the start with one year. So ARIE will be implemented in 2021 and 2022, coordinated by ANLAIDS Lombardia  - an organization that was a partner of the Association under other projects  - for HIV  prevention, for creating an online informational system for Hepatitis B and C and for cervical cancer prevention. We are partners from  6 countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia), 7 organizations and over 30 experts. ARIE is an ambitious project to encourage participation in sports and physical activity of people living with the HIV infection and are on therapy, in line with EU recommendations and guidelines on physical activity.
The project intends to promote physical activity in the form of personalized paths, among people aged between 18 and 50 who live with HIV infection and who are under treatment, offering an innovative fitness protocol, and in order to involve them in moderate physical activity. Therefore, the project through the development of the protocol aims to promote voluntary activities in sport, together with awareness of the importance of physical activity for the benefit of health through greater participation in sport for all.
Online Meeting of LAP in Seeking Different Approaches to Work with Young People

Sofia, February 24, 2021

Another online meeting of Learning Action Partnership (LAP) took place on February 24th, 2021. The participants – guest colleagues from Center for Study of Democracy (CSD); representatives of BFPA, Know How Center for Alternative Care of NBU, BYRC, SAPI, Re-Act Association, ASC Foundation, NNHM and IOM – reviewed the progress of implementation of the so called ‘small projects’ in the frame of LAP. The short video representing the work of LAP was discussed and approved for use.
The special guests of the online meeting presented the campaign ‘Find Another Way’, directed against radical messages and actions of young people in internet. Safe Internet Center and Center for Study of Democracy, worked on the initiative for three years, presented results and conclusions from their online communicational campaign.
The main target groups of the project were young people 14-19 in Bulgaria. Their main goal – prevention of violence, connected with the extreme-right messages and reducing the vulnerability of young people towards extreme-right messages and propaganda. From CSD strived to work for reducing anti-minority attitudes and messages and violence against minority groups, they tried to present other, different points of view and to involve young people in constructive alternative causes via narratives for stimulating critical thinking and identifying fake messages.

A new project “Youth Voices, Youth Choices” of the Bulgarian Association for Family Planning and Sexual Health has been launched

Sofia, February 8-10, 2021

The first online meeting of the project “Youth Voices, Youth Choices” was held on February 8-10, 2021. The project "Youth Voices, Youth Choices" (2021-2023) is a 30-month international project implemented in Bulgaria by the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA). Partner organizations from Albania, BiH, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia will implement similar initiatives in their countries. The project is implemented with the coordinative role of the International Planned Parenthood Federation with the support of the programme for socially responsible business of the company MSD and aims to create more accessible and youth-friendly SRH services and information, paying special attention to the most vulnerable groups.


About us :: Policies :: Non Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy